Thursday, 22 August 2013

Things Change

It was sad to leave the Bead Shop Edinburgh earlier this year, but happily I can still get my bead fix from the Bead Shop Scotland online shop and HQ in Haddington. The old Stockbridge site is presently being transformed into a cycle shop, so I doubt that I will ever have cause to go inside*, but it is good to see a new business taking shape.

I meanwhile, have taken up part time employment in another local shop; Caoba. I've shopped there regularly over the years, buying some of the best darned greetings cards this side of the Mississippi. Now I'm selling them too. But still I have time to bead and to nervously await publication of the book! September 16th is the day in the UK.

*I threw my last bike over a Cornish hedge/dry stone wall circa 1983

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