Thursday, 12 January 2012

I Don't Believe It!

I knew it had been a while since I last posted here, but 4 months...? FOUR MONTHS! At least I know where that nagging sensation "there's something I've forgotten" came from. Shame on me.
I suspect that it is no coincidence that that September entry was about proper bloggers who post at least once a day. You can guarantee that if I am told I ought to be doing something I will not do it (and vice versa, but that's for another post. Or a different blog). 
So. What have I been doing? Beading of course, lots of beading; I have mastered CRAW (Cubic Right Angled Weave), shamballa-style bracelets, tubular Peyote stitch in the form of beaded needle cases and flat spiral stitch. Here are some pictures to prove it:

Caution: The shamballa bracelets are addictive. I used a couple of videos on Youtube to get me going and soon found that a clipboard and masking tape come in very handy

My beaded needle case discovery was somewhat tarnished by the thought that I neither want or need a beaded needle case. I decided to share this discovery with my best friend, who will soon be in receipt of a beaded lighter case, something she neither wants or needs. Such is the depth of our friendship. In the background you can see the earrings I made my mother for Christmas.

And finally: The body of a knitted dormouse. I knitted all the constituant parts over Christmas but he's still not sewn up. I ought to do that this weekend.... Uh oh...!

Fellow members of the OTTBS group on Facebook will already be familiar with many of these pictures. Those fabulous beading ladies have provided invaluable feedback, support and inspiration over the last few months and taken me to beading places I would never have thought to venture on my own. The knitted dormouse I take sole responsibility for.

Happy 2012 and see you all again soon (or May if someone mentions 'ought to').