Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Knitting, crochet, eggs and no beads

Not exactly a snappy title is it. But then my crafting attempts have become a bit of a mishmash, with beading gently pushed to one side for now.*
Always reluctant to take personal responsibility I am laying the blame squarely at the door of my favourite bead shop, The Bead Shop Scotland. Just before last Christmas they opened up the sister shop, The Wool Shop Scotland and my fate was sealed. My roots are in knitting and it would seem my heart still is. I've spent the last couple of months brushing up on my skills in order to be able to pass on some knowledge as well as satisfying an itch I didn't know I still had!

Proof if proof be needed:

Derek the Dormouse on Christmas Day

Derek the Dormouse awaiting the arrival of his nose and whiskers. He won't be allowed out until then.

Then it was crochet:

I quickly realised that Granny Squares involve a lot of ends being sewn in... I kept going.

And finally:

From issue twelve of Mollie Makes may I present the....
...(I may be over-egging it here)

The Egg Cosy!
It was a lovely refresher course in Fair Isle and Intarsia techniques and a reminder that I need to relax my tension (... and breathe).
I am now working on a variation on a theme. I won't tell you what it is, let's just say my iPhone gets a bit chilly sometimes ;)

*But what about the beading you ask? It's most definitely not forgotten. There is a possibility of an exciting project in the offing which, if it goes ahead, will involve a lot of beading. A lot. But in the meantime I just have to finish this row.


mary m said...

I love Derek. and I take back any adverse comments I may or may not have made about egg cosies. x

Jane Lock said...

Thanks Mary, Derek and the cosy appreciate your kind words :)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Snubnosed dormice are so appealing !