Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Confessions of a Beadaholique

It's hardly an original title, but then it is not a unique condition. I know there are fellow addicts out there. I was going to say 'sufferers', but then being addicted to beading is hardly an insufferable condition. This is the state of my bead stash:
This is the over-flow from the wooden box
...and this is what I made using only stash beads...
It'll be a while before I make much of a dent in the stockpile with these little fellas... 
 ... but I love making them, so there will be more.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I built it myself

I never do diy; I abhor diy, yet today I put together a chest of drawers and replaced a shower hose and shower head holder.  No picture of the shower; I repaired it, but I didn't clean it. Now I may get a little drunk. 
One toe and a thumbnail were hurt in the building of this chest of drawers

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Social notworking

See what I did there...?

Beading-wise it has been a very unproductive month. I'm now the proud possessor of two part time jobs which is a relief for the bank but not so much for my creativity. Yet in spite of ignoring this blog, my Etsy shop and indeed my beads, I have had several approaches via social networks for sales enquiries, being featured in a blog and even a spot of guest blogging.

All of which is a GOOD THING; it is grand to be noticed and clearly social networking is still the the way to go. But and it's a bold, italic but... Facebook et al are also huge time wasters.

In recent days I have signed up to LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr in addition to my existing two Twitter accounts, Facebook page and Etsy shop. In between trying to track down connections, circles, followers and fans I've made half a ring. And no, I still don't really know what Google+ is for.

So onwards and upwards; the ideas still keep coming, there is always inspiration around me and if it needs to be beaded it will be beaded!

Stacked coffee cups
Here are two images that have been mooching around my head waiting to be inspiration: 

Artichoke photographic print by Liane Doxey available from Prairie Garden on Etsy
And finally here is something I made earlier, now available from Urban Igloo
Luau Rings