Friday, 22 April 2011


I've been so grumpy lately I've been ignoring everything, including my blog. Bad blogger!
So I'd forgotten to post this photo of the finished lucite flower necklace, until now. I'm quite pleased with it but it has flaws so I've started another one that will, of course, be perfect.
I relied heavily on Laura McCabe's embellishment techniques to create the effect I was after. It's so nice when someone else has done all the hard work.


Moleskine notebooks are the bees knees

I've always liked computers; I know that in a fire it would be my MacBook that made it out with me. But the morning I've just spent on Google Analytics has been enough to drive me back to pen and paper.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Flowers for Algernon*

I've been very low lately (blame the Tories, I always do) and I think it may show in my recent beading projects. Using a monochrome palette I've been churning out Blackberry rings, comforted by the repetition and the lack of need for thought.

I love them and have taken to wearing one most of the time, but en mass they're a bit gloomy aren't they?

So this, dear reader is what I shall be working on next:
*they're not for Algernon, they're for me