Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Post

Slowly but surely the Christmas preparations are coming together; almost everything shopped for, nearly every present wrapped, all the cards posted (ok emailed and nothing for the folk whose email addresses I don't have. I'm not THAT organised) and the TV set to record Doctor Who...

So what's next? Apart from eating, drinking, gift giving and receiving and generally making merry. New Year's Resolutions, that's what. Ordinarily I avoid making NYRs but this year for some mysterious reason it's different. Already the list is forming in my head; get back to the gym, sort out my paperwork, tidy/clean the flat, all the usual suspects. But the one I most want to keep is to organise my beads and bead work. I can feel a Delica database coming on. I know, I know... But if my beads are sorted I think my creative brain will be too and right now that's a mess. So I'm giving myself a beading holiday before rolling up my sleeves, cracking my knuckles, getting my act together and setting the ball rolling towards an organised, clear-headed 2011 (and who cares if the flat remains a tip?).

And on that note a very merry Christmas and holiday season to you all and let's get down to some serious happiness in 2011
By the way, if you like the photo in the ecard check out my brother's Facebook page for more views of Scotland in the snow...

Monday, 13 December 2010

A Kit!

The Bead Shop Scotland have introduced an exclusive range of beading kits to their shops, actual and online.

One of them is my Shrimp earrings design, renamed (the much more elegant-sounding) Layered Leaf earrings.

Writing out instructions may be a bit too hard to be enjoyable but it's undeniably worth it in the end!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Catching Up

I've been beading, beading and still more beading and loving every minute of it!

Remaking (and renaming) my Layered Leaf earrings was top of the list. As to why...? More soon...

Then came whipping up a few more rings to take down to Urban Igloo in Portobello. Simple but effective; the fun part is choosing the colours, even as I'm making one my mind is wandering off onto the next colour combination...

Which reminds me of my favourite daydream - being the proud owner of every Delica colour available. All catalogued, labelled and waiting to be played with. One day... one day... *drifts off*....

And I'm back!

Also on the bead mat is a Fireworks bracelet in the early stages of construction. This is an order so needs to be finishes as soon as possible but there are so many distractions. Not least a Blooming Bead from Sand Fibers which is just begging (yes, begging) to be made right NOW!

Then of course there is the weather. Lots and lots of weather, which in spite of happening every day (in some form or another), the UK isn't really up to coping with. This year's theme is snow.

And finally, a repair came into the shop the other day which prompted the idea for a relatively quick and simple bracelet using lucite flowers and Swarovski crystals.
Apologies for the dodgy photo, I'll try and take a better one soon, but daylight isn't readily available in these parts at the mo'.