Sunday, 29 August 2010

Self Image

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than Googling your own name...? (In my defence I was checking that I had got my Facebook privacy settings right. No, really I was).
Any hoo, look what I found! Some fabulous examples of my Paisley Drop earrings from this month's Beadwork magazine.

Two dramatic examples (right) from the blog Jade Corazon

Two more pretty pairs (left) from Abalorium 2.0  whose lovely blog entry led me to the site above.

And of course, first off the block (I think the magazine's ink was still wet) were these two variants (right) from Rebecca at Songbeads

I love the fact that every beader has their own take on the colours and contrasts to use, making each pair unique to them. Thank you ladies.

It also makes me realise that I need to get thinking again and stop sitting around playing on the internet...