Saturday, 31 July 2010

Beading Envy

So you've mastered a new technique and the brain cells are fired up ready to try it out on a new design... The pagodas featured in Laura McCabe's new book here had got me thinking about layered shapes.... And then I found Jennifer's Sea Necklace on a blog by Beloved Beadwork in Cape Town. Isn't it gorgeous?

I can't top that so I'm not going to try. Plan B is already raring to go.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tiny Steps

Words of encouragement from fellow artists, a very belated new-found resolve to get fit and the knowledge that my Leaf earrings will be appearing in the next issue of Beadwork* magazine have spurred me into action on the sales front.

I have upgraded my online Shop to allow a greater range of items to appear, sorted out the pricing (with local gallery opportunities in mind) and added a few more pieces to the range. There is more to be photographed and a lot more to be made (I am awash with scraps of paper trying to capture the flood of ideas before I forget them).

I'm still not beading, but I am hoping that attending one of Laura McCabe's brilliant workshops at The Bead Shop Scotland in September will spur me into action. Otherwise I may go mad (madder?)...

*Scroll down to the Paisley Drop Earrings