Friday, 21 November 2008

Okay, just one more

I wanted to show off this little beauty: Rock Chick Chic I'm calling it. Like the earlier Flags necklace, but this time I used the square stitch 'chain' base as mentioned in the previous post. Sooooo much quicker and neater than the embarrassingly cumbersome technique I used the first time. Too feeble to describe here.
I don't know; no posts for days and then two come along at once.

Hello honey, I'm home!

Lately I've been inspired - not to blog clearly, but to beadweave. Thank goodness for that! I find if I go too long without beading, or worse, without trying out my ideas, I get really, really irritable. Why is that I wonder? Not so much that I need an answer you understand.
Any way here is one of my latest productions: A Swarovski rivoli bezelled with peyote stitch, using Delicas, seed beads and tiny, tiny Czech size 15 charlottes. This is a variation on the technique taught by Laura McCabe (I was lucky enough to attend one of her workshops at The Bead Shop, Haddington). I've left off the bicone crystal frills around the edge because a) I've forgotten how to do that bit and b) I prefer less bling.
I've suspended the pendant from a 'chain' made with square stitch, an idea from Diane Fitzgerald's book Zulu Inspired Beadwork. Thank goodness for other people's brilliance!
Off to do more beadery now...

Monday, 3 November 2008

Almost in print....

Way back when I wrote that I had submitted a design to Bead & Button Magazine. I am delighted to report that they liked it enough to publish! At this point it is available as a Subscriber Exclusive project online only. But it is a significant step in the right direction. I believe the word is "yay"!
If you subscribe to Bead& Button, have a look here