Monday, 28 July 2008

Noughts & Crosses

Last week I made up a Miyuki bead kit for the shop where I work. Normally I avoid them; tiny beads, diagrams, someone else's design. But this one looked straightforward and very, very pretty. I finished it in around 3 hours and was hooked on the pattern. So much so that I had to make more but, true to my why-make-things-more-complicated-than-they-need-be philosophy, I simplified the design. One row of stitching, not three, fire polished beads in one colour not five; I made a bracelet to start with, then began this necklace. I am very excited about it. If it works (fingers/noughts crossed) I'll make more. Lots more...

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Old Favourites

It's been a dry patch for beading creativity (pity the rain clouds couldn't take the hint) but finally I came up with something I like. And it took going down a familiar route to break the slump: A square stitch cuff, red beads to match some red shoes. Who says co-ordination isn't important?